Helios Protection, Inc, (Helios)

Helios Protection, Inc, (Helios) is a rapidly growing reinsurance platform specializing in commercial auto, trucking and specialized niche program business.

We are a business insurance company –called a Property & Casualty (P&C) Company–because we don’t do health or life insurance.  Nor do we focus on individuals, that is, protecting people’s homes and cars.   Instead, we are strictly commercial insurance.  We focus on middle-market businesses ($100 million to $500 million in revenue) that are spending more than $1.0 million a year insuring their business against unexpected losses.

We started our company in 2008 because we realized the traditional insurance industry is broken.  Did you know that originally P&C insurance had two primary reasons for existing?  (1) Preventing losses and (2) Helping Recover from Loss.

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There are two functions of P&C insurance:

Preventing losses


Helping Recover from Loss

People buy insurance because of #2.   The entire industry value-chain focuses on #2.  Nobody “buys” insurance…it has to be “sold”.  Why?  You don’t get that good feeling from buying a new suit, a new car, ticket to tonight’s blockbuster movie, etc.  You’re shelling out bucks for something you hope you never have to use.

Business owners/business leaders hedge against potentially catastrophic and fatal losses because of #2.  P&C insurance is about facilitating recovery from losses suffered by a business and they are often required/mandated by their shareholders, lenders, and suppliers to have business insurance

Yes, our Insurance helps businesses and entire communities stay financially stable and recover from unanticipated – and potentially ruinous – losses.   As a result, jobs are protected, taxes continue to be paid, and goods and services continue to be produced and provided.

Rather than just focus on “facilitating recovery”, we partner with business owners who want 1 and 2.  The “both/and”

We have a value proposition whereby we team up with business owners who want a long-term relationship with us and who want the opportunity to generate a profit from their annual insurance cost if they keep their damages low. That is, they are good risk managers and don’t end up costing Us a lot of money to indemnify them for losses.

The great clients (our company partners) earn about 25% on their insurance spend for great performance. For example, if they spend $1.0 million a year on insurance, going with us gives them a dividend/profit-interest of $250,000 a year while they also get the protection in case they have horrible losses. Most other insurance companies let the business spend the $1.0 million and if there are no losses, then they keep all the upside themselves as profit.

Our average client earns about a 15% return for every dollar they typically spend on making sure they are protected from harm.

The actual way we go about structuring the deals to turn insurance from a cost to a profit-center is complex with lots of moving pieces. Even insurance professionals who know our business have a hard time understanding what we do.

From a traditional view, the business owner is “outside the system”.  They are the people cutting the check $ to pay for insurance but insurance companies really don’t even see these folks as the “customer”.  We call them “policyholders” or “insureds”.  Really, an insurance company’s customer is the insurance agent.  The one who “sells” our insurance product to the company (remember, insurance has to be “sold”)

Our competitors see their customer as the insurance agent.  We see the “insured”/”policyholder” as our customer.  In a sense, we are bringing someone who is “outside” the system and make them an “insider”.  They now have a seat at the table.  We align our interests so when damages/losses are low (at or below average), everyone makes money.  The business are no longer just the checkbooks that fund the entire predatory process.

As they say in the game of poker, “if you’ve been playing 30 minutes and you can’t spot the sucker, it’s you.”  If you aren’t confident that you’re better than your competition, than you don’t below with Helios.  Right now, you aren’t in the game.  The Helios guys put you in an inside the system where you can win.”  Jack Bewley, President of Dallas Yellow Cab, the 4th largest taxicab company in the United States.

Jack Bewley

President of Dallas Yellow Cab