Artisan Contractor Insurance-What is it and who Needs it?

Artisan is derived from the Italian artigiano meaning craftsman. As such, artisans were originally thought of as those who were highly skilled in a particular craft, particularly when it came to working with their hands.  Artisan crafts range in scope from those who perform artistic work such as making pottery and dying fabric to tradesmen who specialize in black smithing or carpentry. The people who work in an artisan trade generally have an entrepreneurial spirit and as such have specialized insurance needs.

Artisan contractor insurance can be especially important whenever the skilled trade is performed off-site, as is the case with many home improvement specialties. This type of coverage generally insures the contractor against liability for damage to a client’s property or injury to another individual.

Artisan crafters are often self-employed; therefore, their work is their lifeblood. Sole proprietors and small business owners simply cannot afford to have any disruption to their business.  Having the right insurance to cover the unexpected can give these professional craftsmen peace of mind so they can be free to grow and develop their customer base.

A few trades that may be eligible for Artisan Contractor Insurance include the following:

• Landscaping

•Appliance repair

•Heating and air conditioning service



•Carpet cleaning

This type of coverage generally protects business property and equipment from theft or fire loss. It may also cover employees in the craftsman’s care for medical expenses incurred as a result of the employment. Artisan contractor insurance is generally only available to those who have less than 10 employees and total receipts of less than $5,000,000.

Contact us if you are an artisan crafter so we can discuss how one of our personalized policies can protect you and your specialty business.

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