Equipment Insurance – Security That Promotes Productivity

What is equipment insurance?

Equipment insurance is an insurance policy that covers loss off equipment due to damages, theft, and any unforeseen event. It is an insurance that is more common to business organizations than individuals. Having equipment insurance is an absolute necessity considering the instability in the economy these days. Operating your business equipment without protection and provision for back up is a dangerous practice that can backfire on the business in the future. Equipment Insurance provides protection for a company in case of any mishap to their equipment.

Usually when a company purchases new equipment they invite an insurance company to evaluate the equipment. After successful evaluation, the insurer will draft an insurance policy for the equipment. Equipment insured by a company must be operated under certain conditions and in any case the company breaches such conditions, the insurance company is not liable to pay any compensation.

Why does equipments need insurance?

Equipment insurance is as important as any other business insurance. Many companies are overlooking this type of insurance because they do not understand the advantages of equipment insurance. The major advantages of equipment insurance are;

  • Equipments insurance helps to protect productivity in case of sudden breakdown of equipment. When a company’s equipment is insured and the equipments develops any fault, it is the insurance company’s duty to pay the repair bills or even purchase replacements without delay. Hence production is not hampered.
  • Equipment insurance helps protect business from hidden losses incurable during non-productivity periods. Equipments can develop faults suddenly, and without proper insurance it might take quite a while to fix or replace. Equipment insurance speeds up the replacement process saving valuable, time and money.
  • Equipment insurance helps protect companies from bankruptcy due to equipment damages. Some companies might not be financially buoyant enough to replace damaged equipment. If such equipment is not insured it could spell the end for such business. Equipment insurance will cover the replacement expenses.

Like every other insurance policy, equipment insurance is not necessarily meant for all types of business. Business organizations that major in manufacturing and productions are more prone to seek equipment insurance. For such organizations, their machines are their livelihood. Insuring these equipments will give the companies freedom to operate without worrying about sudden loss or breakdown of their equipment.

Since the productivity of a company depends primarily on the production equipment, insuring these equipments should be top priority. Continuous operation of these equipments without insurance will only result to an avoidable loss. Secure your business equipment without delay; get equipment insurance so you can stay in business against all odds.

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